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Important Features to Consider When Buying a Baby Bed

 By Sarah Holmes, Ph.D.

With all the different features of baby cribs, it can be a little overwhelming to sort it all out. This article reviews some of the most comon baby crib features and reviews the pros and cons of each feature.

Is the Baby Crib Made of Quality Materials and Construction? Wooden Baby Cribs/Iron Baby Cribs

You don't often think of the material that the baby crib is made of as an actual feature to consider. But, picking a baby crib that is made from quality materials can make the difference between a baby crib that is used for years and one that you wish you had never bought. Wooden baby cribs should be stained or painted hardwoods like maple, ash, beech, or oak. The overall stability of the baby crib could be threatened by the use of inferior woods in the manufacturing process. This is due to the baby crib slates becoming weakened and/or warped with use. Baby Cribs can also be made from metal such as iron. While Iron Baby Cribs can be beautiful, the styling can be limited over time. If you plan on keeping the baby crib for years, be sure that you think you will like the metal styling in the future.

Issues with Drop Side Cribs:

As of June 2011, drop-side cribs may no longer be sold or manufactured in the US, this includes second-hand sales. The Consumer Product Safety Commission voted to ban drop-side cribs, as well as mandate several other important safety provisions for cribs, due to the crib-related death statistics over the past decade.

For more information on Drop Side Cribs:

Does the Baby Crib Allow you to Lower the Mattress?

Make sure your baby crib lets you adjust the height of the mattress. Unless you are tall, a higher mattress will make it easier for you to get your baby in and out of the baby crib. Once your baby starts to move around, you will need to lower the mattress. The baby crib you buy should have at least 2 height positions for the mattress. Some higher end models will have 3 height levels which is a nice bonus feature.

Baby Cribs with Drawers

Some higher end models have drawers in the bottom of the baby crib. If space is an issue for you, this may be a good feature to have. You may be able to put off buying a dresser for your little one. Just beon the bottoms of the drawers (if htere is space for your little one to crawl under the crib.

Baby Cribs with Wheels

Some baby cribs come with wheels. This is a very nice feature if you plan on moving the baby crib around. It can make it easier to change the linens and to clean under the baby crib. Being able to roll a baby crib into another room is also a nice flexibility to have. Metal wheels are better than plastic. Keep in mind that this could be a potential danger as well, especially if you have other children in the home. They could push the baby crib themselves (i.e. down the stairs, up against a window or furniture). Make sure that the wheels have a good, solid locking mechanism. If the baby crib that you want does not come with wheels, you can always buy high quality wheels and install them yourself or have someone install them for you.

Convertible Crib: Baby Cribs that Convert into Other Things

Many baby cribs are designed to convert to a toddler bed, a bench, or even an adult daybed for later use. While this is a very nice feature to have with your baby crib, make sure that you like what it converts to. If it converts to a toddler bed, consider how long your toddler will be able to sleep in it. You may end up having to buy a regular size twin bed in a few years if you child outgrows the toddler bed. Also, most baby cribs with this feature require an additional kit to make the conversion. Be sure to check on how much this kit will cost you before making your decision.

Compare Baby Crib Prices
Compare Baby Crib Prices
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 Although we have endeavored to ensure information in this article is accurate and up-to-date, the information contained therein should be used as general reference only. Any use of information in this article constitutes your agreement to hold harmless, Advantage Online Services, LLC and its members.   
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